UKATA reminds of the danger posed by asbestos on World Cancer Day

UKATA reminds of the danger posed by asbestos on World Cancer Day

As the world prepares to mark World Cancer Day on Sunday 4 February, the UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) says it is vital asbestos related cancers like Mesothelioma are not forgotten. While cancer is the biggest killer worldwide, mesothelioma is the UKs biggest workplace killer, with HSE figures showing 2,542 deaths in 2015 alone and over 5,000 asbestos related deaths from cancer in this period.

“UKATA strongly supports the battle to beat cancer, yet among 200 cancer types, mesothelioma remains a hidden killer,” said UKATA Marketing & Events Officer Victoria Castelluccio. “Asbestos related lung cancers make up 40 per cent of lung diseases in the HSE figures and the frightening thing is, these rates are projected to remain the same for the next decade. In females in the UK, mesothelioma is the 20th most common cause of cancer death! This is one of the reasons UKATA supports Mesothelioma UK, the Mavis Nye Foundation and others working to support victims and raise awareness of the dangers.”

World Cancer Day from Cancer Research UK aims to unite everyone in the fight against cancer, with donations supporting scientists, doctors and nurses and improving survival rates. In December, Victoria attended the opening of Mesothelioma UK’s new headquarters; as part of UKATA’s commitment to the cause. Victoria says the reasons asbestos related cancers need to be high on the agenda are stark.

UKATA is the leading authority for asbestos training provision in the United Kingdom. Tasked by the HSE in 2008 to manage the licensed asbestos training providers, UKATA has gone from strength to strength and now has over 180 member organisations from all corners of the UK.

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Craig Evans
General Manager