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The Industry Associate designation is a golden opportunity for companies, independent contractors, and individuals who are integral parts of the health & safety, construction, or asbestos industry. By joining, you can unlock an influential platform for showcasing and amplifying your products and services to a targeted, industry-specific audience. More than just marketing, your association signals a strong commitment to advancing the asbestos industry and broader sector. Seize the chance to position yourself at the forefront of industry progression and leverage this opportunity for unparalleled visibility and growth. The Industry Associate designation is not just an endorsement, it's a statement of your dedication to making a difference.

Brand Exposure: Companies will have their logo and listing prominently displayed on the UKATA website, increasing visibility to a large audience.

Industry Recognition: Associates can use the designation 'Industry Associate of UKATA' or 'UKATA Industry Associate' to show their commitment and involvement in the industry, enhancing their professional reputation.

Use of UKATA Industry Associate Logo: The right to use the UKATA Industry Associate logo on their website, stationery, and other corporate publications for enhanced credibility and brand association.

Promotional Opportunities: Companies can provide editorial content and promotions for circulation to UKATA members and wider industry audience, allowing them to showcase their expertise, products, or services.

Priority Access: Associates receive priority access to sponsorship, exhibition, and other promotional opportunities before they're made available to the broader community.

Audience Engagement: Access to UKATA's audience of over 80,000 annual website visitors provides ample opportunities for networking, business development, and customer engagement.

Social Media Promotion: Companies will be actively promoted on UKATA's social media channels, further amplifying their brand visibility and reach.

Campaign Involvement: Associates have the unique opportunity to support and actively promote UKATA campaigns, aligning their brand with important industry initiatives and demonstrating their commitment to the field.

Direct Communication Channel: As an Industry Associate, companies can directly interact with UKATA members, providing a platform to share industry insights, trends, and updates.

Exclusive Updates: Associates will get regular updates about the asbestos industry, including the latest news, research, regulatory changes, and training opportunities.

Become an Industry Associate