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Statement of Cleanliness after Non-Licensed Work with Asbestos

Statement of Cleanliness after Non-Licensed Work with Asbestos

This training material is provided as assistance only and is intended for trained contractors following Non-Licensable Work with Asbestos.

This guidance relates to Regulation 17 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations:

“Every employer who undertakes work which exposes or is liable to expose any employees of that employer to asbestos must ensure that:

(a) the premises, or those parts of the premises where that work is carried out, and the plant used in connection with that work are kept in a clean state; and

(b) where such work has been completed, the premises, or those parts of the premises where the work was carried out, are thoroughly cleaned.

In connection with the undertaking of Non-Licensed Work with Asbestos, the Approved Code of Practice, “Managing and Working with Asbestos” L143 advises that,

Non-licensable work with enclosures

464 For some large-scale non-licensable work with asbestos, a full enclosure may be required to prevent or reduce spread of asbestos, e.g. the removal of textured coatings.

465 Once the work in these enclosures is complete, the area should be thoroughly cleaned before it is returned to the occupier. All visible traces of dust and debris should be removed before the enclosure is dismantled. A thorough visual inspection should be carried out.

466 Clearance air monitoring is not required as part of the clearance procedures and an independently provided certificate for reoccupation is not needed. The occupier should be provided with a written statement stating that the area has been thoroughly cleaned and visually inspected to make sure that no visible traces of dust and debris remain and the area is suitable for reoccupation.

467 The statement should include:

  • the site address;
  • the dates of the work;
  • a brief description of the work;
  • the name and address of the contractor;
  • details of the specific areas and items visually checked;
  • the name and signature of the person completing the inspection.

The certificate available to download below meets the requirements of Regulation 17 and the advice provided in the Approved Code of Practice.

It is suggested that the certificate could also be used on completion of all Non-Licensed Work with Asbestos to confirm that the requirements of regulation 17 have been complied with.