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Eligibility Criteria

Industry Associate Eligibility Criteria

Relevance: The applicant must operate within the health & safety, construction, or asbestos industry, providing industry-related services.

Quality of Service: The applicant must meet high service standards and demonstrate a commitment to quality. Evidence could include customer testimonials, third-party quality certifications, awards, or other relevant indicators.

Professional Qualifications: The applicant must possess relevant qualifications and/or accreditations related to the services they provide. This can include professional certificates, degrees, or any other industry-specific qualifications.

Licenses and Compliance: The applicant must hold all necessary licenses required to operate within their industry and must adhere to all relevant local and national regulations. Proof of license validity and regulatory compliance will be requested.

Demonstration of Criteria Fulfillment: The applicant must clearly demonstrate how they meet the above criteria at the time of application. This can be done via the provision of the necessary documents, written statements, or any other forms of verifiable evidence.

UKATA will conduct an extensive review of each application to ensure that only companies, sole traders, or individuals meeting the criteria will be recognised as Industry Associates.

Please note that meeting the criteria does not automatically guarantee acceptance as an Industry Associate. UKATA retains the right to accept or reject any application based on additional factors deemed relevant.

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