UKATA is a CITB 3rd Party Awarding Organisation

UKATA is recognised and accepted by CITB as an approved 3rd Party Awarding Organisation for Licensable, Non- Licensable and Asbestos Awareness training.


UKATA Members are pre-approved to apply as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) with the CITB as the UKATA standard is accepted as an approved direct entry framework.

What is a CITB ATO and what are the benefits?

CITB is changing the way it supports training for the construction industry. Part of this strategic change is the creation of CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status that is awarded to training providers.

What is a CITB ATO?

A CITB ATO is an organisation which provides construction training courses and qualifications to a defined and industry-agreed training standard. An ATO could be, for example a commercial training provider, a construction employer’s in-house training department, or an educational establishment.

To become an ATO, the organisation will have successfully completed CITB’s approval process.

What are the benefits of being a CITB ATO?

When you are a CITB ATO:

  • you will be recognised by CITB as well as the British construction industry as a training provider who can deliver good quality training that meets the industry approved standards
  • you will have access to the Construction Training Directory, a powerful marketing tool which is open to all who are interested in construction training
  • you can tap into this market who are looking for CITB grant funded training courses on the Directory
  • you can stand out from your competitors as you will be part of CITB’s automated grant payments system, making it easier for employers to book courses with you for their workers and be reimbursed for it.

Why CITB is changing how it supports construction training

CITB is changing the way it supports training for the construction industry. Part of this change involves the launch of new products and services. CITB is leading the creation of a list of training standards which come into effect from April 2018. This will mean an individual’s skills will be transferable across the construction industry in Great Britain. To enable this to happen, CITB is launching new services for both training organisations and employers. These services will provide a single place for employers to:

  • find industry approved training
  • search for their employee’s training achievements, and
  • receive automated grant payments to employers.

The data generated by the system will allow CITB

to target funding on the areas of most need to the

construction industry.

* Registering as an ATO is completely free of charge to UKATA

members, which will save £750 a year

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