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Taking asbestos training to the heart of industry



Prior to 2008 the HSE held a list of Asbestos Training Providers known as the ATPWG (Asbestos Training Providers’ Working Group). The need to raise standards of training within the asbestos industry was widely acknowledged and the formation of a trade association was suggested, which is how and why UKATA began. The inaugural meeting of UKATA was held in September, 2007 with 41 of the 50 training providers on the ATPWG list agreeing to join.

UKATA’s remit was to set standards, audit and manage the list of asbestos training providers, going forward. UKATA began trading in January 2008 and accepted applications from Licensed, Non Licensed and Asbestos Awareness Training Providers.

The inaugural Chairman, Peter Robinson said at the time;

“We will build on the work that HSE started with the list of asbestos training providers. Initially, I see the role of UKATA being to undertake a thorough audit of all members and raise the profile of the association to key stakeholders. Ultimately, this association will provide the benchmark of standards that asbestos training providers will have to achieve and maintain…I want to include competent training providers in these areas into the association as early as possible so that the whole issue of sub-standard asbestos training is tackled.”

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the leading authority on asbestos training in the UK. To achieve our vision, we will:

  1. Continue to gate keep the quality of the standards which have been established to ensure that UKATA remains both trusted and respected by members, industry, employees and individuals.
  2. Actively market UKATA across all communication channels in order to raise awareness and attract new members to enable us to expand the reach of UKATA-approved asbestos training.
  3. Continue to work within the guidelines of current legislation as an absolute minimum but seek to positively influence asbestos legislation in order to ensure that the UK has the highest standards of asbestos safety.
  4. Collaborate within the industry in order to forge effective, mutually beneficial partnerships which will enable to us to develop new, inclusive ways of working.
Mission Statement

UKATA’s mission is to remain at the forefront of asbestos training and awareness. We are committed to both maintaining and improving higher standards of asbestos training through ongoing monitoring of UKATA-approved training providers.

Inclusivity is at our core. It is through this that we ensure that we positively influence standards and related asbestos legislation.

Our staff are central to our mission. We actively invest in their training and development to enable them to advise and assist members. Through this, we continue to both maintain current standards and strive to raise asbestos training standards and industry awareness.


Committed to our members: We are dedicated to delivering on our promises, remaining focused on high standards and ensuring they are adhered to.

Working collaboratively: We actively develop partnerships to enable us to exceed the needs of our members, industry stakeholders and the general public.

Acting with integrity: We are always honest, open and inclusive. People respect and trust us as a leading authority on asbestos.

Never standing still: In order to continue to successfully gatekeep industry standards we must be one step ahead in our knowledge of legislation to maintain the UKATA standard of excellence.


“Taking asbestos training to the heart of industry”

Aims and Objectives
  1. To maintain the prominent acclaim established within the asbestos industry and wider community.
  2. As the asbestos industry’s most eminent training association, continue to uphold its internationally recognised high standards of training and welcome new members who meet these exacting standards.
  3. Continue to build the UKATA trademark for the supreme benefit of all its members by continuing to work within the guidelines of current legislation as an absolute minimum
  4. Continue to forge effective links with our trade partners and industry stakeholders
Products and Services

UKATA offers one classification of membership.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: open to companies, businesses and individuals wishing to undertake the delivery of asbestos training as a UKATA approved training provider. Becoming a UKATA Professional Member demonstrates your commitment to delivering the highest standards of asbestos training. There are three categories within Professional Membership as outlined below, all of which are required to undergo an intensive verification and audit process prior to acceptance for membership.

  • Asbestos Awareness - delivering Asbestos Awareness training, but not any form of training for work with asbestos;
  • Non-Licensable - delivering training for Non-Licensable Work with Asbestos and may also deliver Asbestos Awareness training, but not training for Licensable Work with Asbestos;
  • Licensable - delivering training for Licensable Work with Asbestos and may also deliver training for Non-Licensable Work with Asbestos and Asbestos Awareness training.

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UKATA also offers opportunities for individuals and businesses who offer industry related services to be associated with UKATA:

INDUSTRY ASSOCIATE: open to companies, sole traders or individuals who provide an industry related service within the health & safety, construction or asbestos industry. This provides an opportunity to promote and market products and services to the industry whilst showing commitment and support to continued developments within the asbestos and wider industry.

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CORPORATE ASSOCIATE: strictly by invitation only to like-minded associations, charities and not for profit organisations, professional and industry registers. UKATA Corporate Associate provides an opportunity to mark a presence in the asbestos industry showing commitment and support to continued improvements and developments within the asbestos industry, in particular training.


UKATA is governed by a Board of Directors who are all volunteers, each with their own management style. They bring a diverse wealth of knowledge to the table, as well as offering their valuable time voluntarily for the good of the Association.

The Office Team comprises of ten employees who manage the day-to-day operational procedures under the leadership of Craig Evans, UKATA Chief Operating Officer.

UKATA independent Verifiers and Auditors are appointed and satisfy the appointment criteria as set by the Association.