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Announcing the Launch of the 2023 Agenda for Contamination & Land Remediation Expo

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Discover the Latest Insights, Innovations, and Best Practices in Contamination Management and Land Remediation.

The Contamination & Land Remediation Expo is gearing up for its highly anticipated annual event, and we are thrilled to unveil the comprehensive agenda for the 2023 edition. As industry leaders, practitioners, and experts gather, this year's expo promises to be an unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and exploration of cutting-edge solutions in the realm of contamination management and land remediation.

The heart of the event beats within the enlightening and thought-provoking sessions hosted at the Contamination & Land Remediation Keynote Theatre. With a diverse lineup of seasoned experts and practitioners, this theatre is poised to provide attendees with invaluable insights and practical strategies to effectively tackle the complex challenges in contamination management and land restoration.

Day 1 Highlights:

11:15 - Panel: Land Remediation for a Sustainable Future

This panel brings together industry heavyweights to discuss sustainable land revitalisation:

  • Peter Hewitt, Geo-environmental Engineering Leader, Laing O’Rourke
  • Matthew Pannett, Principal, Ramboll
  • David Dyson, Associate, Remediation Services, AECOM
  • Sarah Bullock, Associate Director in Contaminated Land and Materials Management, Atkins
  • Paul Nathanail, Technical Director, LQM

1:00 - UK Largest Spill: Challenges & Learnings

Explore challenges and learnings from the UK's largest spills:

  • Mark Orr, Director, UK & Ireland Spill
  • Chris Ramsbottom, Head of Operational & Technical Support, Adler & Allen

2:00 - Soil Matters – What Is CL:AIRE Doing?

Uncover CL:AIRE's impactful contributions with Jonathan Atkinson, Technical Director.

2:45 - The New Asbestos Challenge

Address the evolving asbestos challenge with insights from:

  • Yvonne Waterman, Founder, European Asbestos Forum
  • Sean Fitzgerald, President and Founder, Fitzgerald Analytical

Day 2 Highlights:

10:15 - Industry & Policy Overview

A strategic look at industry and policy with:

  • Graeme Duggan, Senior Policy Officer, DEFRA and the Environment Agency

11:15 - Panel: Managing Contaminated Materials and Soils: Challenges and Best Practices

Navigate the challenges of contaminated materials and soils alongside:

  • Joanne Kwan, Project Manager, CIRIA

1:00 - Emerging Contaminants - What's All the Pressure About?

Delve into emerging contaminants with:

  • Dr. Ken Scally, Technical & Quality Director, SUEZ

The Technical Theatre is another key highlight of the expo, offering in-depth presentations on specialised topics:

Technical Theatre Day 1:

10:30 - Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Space

Polsar Technology for Wastewater Leakage and Soil Moisture Analysis with Jonathan Lynch, Geotechnical Lead from ASTERRA.

11:30 - The Invisible Net Zero Disruption: Leveraging Air Quality Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Discover the impact of air quality technologies for a net-zero future.

Technical Theatre Day 2:

1:15 - Environmental Permitting

Insights on environmental permitting with experts.

This year's Contamination & Land Remediation Expo is one of four events part of the UK’s largest environmental event, Environmental Services & Solutions Expo. We are predicting this year to be a dynamic and enlightening experience, uniting experts, practitioners, and innovators across the entire environmental sector. Whether you're seeking insights into sustainable land development, effective contamination management, or the latest technological advancements, this event is a must-attend.

Stay tuned for more updates on speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities. Register now to secure your spot at the forefront of contamination management and land remediation knowledge.

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Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be part of the Contamination & Land Remediation Expo 2023 this September. We look forward to welcoming you to an event that will shape the future of environmental stewardship and sustainable land use.

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Published on Thursday 31st August 2023