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At the 40th meeting of the Asbestos Network Technical Working Group (ANTWG) on 7th August they discussed Personal Sampling, Employee Health and Exposure Records. From this meeting, the ‘PM appendix’ was issued, a document which provides guidance on personal sampling, employee health, and exposure records within the context of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012).


This comprehensive guidance is a product of collaborative efforts involving UKATA, ACAD, ARCA, BOHS-FAAM, HSE, NORAC, and an Independent Industry Representative. While its primary audience is Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARCs), the information is valuable for anyone engaged in personal sampling for asbestos exposure and the compilation of employee health records.


In License renewals, a noticeable gap emerged in the understanding of necessary information, proper recording practices, usage, and the link between "summary of air monitoring" and health records among LARCs. Addressing this concern, the HSE emphasises the need for a structured approach to personal sampling to ensure the creation of accurate and beneficial records. This document not only outlines the expected level of detail from LARCs but is also relevant to those involved in Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW). It's important to note that while employers have flexibility in their recording methods, they must include the minimum information stipulated in the Approved Code of Practice for Regulations 19 (Air Monitoring) and 22 (Health Records and Medical Surveillance) of CAR 2012.

Personal Monitoring Policy and Strategy:

The 'PM appendix' references HSE's publication "Asbestos: The Analysts' Guide HSG248 (2021)," categorising personal sampling into four types:

  1. 4-hour Control Limit: Setting limits for extended asbestos exposure over a 4-hour period.
  2. Specific Short-Duration Activity (SSDA): Addressing scenarios involving short-duration activities with potential asbestos exposure.
  3. 10-minute Short-Term Exposure Limit (STEL): Establishing limits for short-term exposure within a 10-minute timeframe.
  4. Assessment of Suitability of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE): Evaluating the appropriateness of RPE for minimising asbestos exposure.
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Published on Friday 15th September 2023

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