Roundtable Event 2019

Champions Round Table

Thursday 7th February 2019

Champions Round Tables are monthly discussions organised by Destination Chesterfield in association with the Derbyshire Times.

On Thursday 7th February 2019, UKATA Apprentices Max Floyde and Leonie Hibberd, were invited to take part in the February meeting to discuss the benefits of apprenticeships.

Max and Leonie joined UKATA in 2017 and currently hold positions within the Membership Department. UKATA sets the standards in asbestos training and ensures its members meet the standards, the roles Max and Leonie have are vital in maintaining the prominent acclaim UKATA holds within the asbestos and health and safety industry. The apprentices divide their time between managing their membership caseload, supporting new and existing members through the rules of membership, whilst gathering evidence towards their National Vocational Qualifications.

The Round table event was an exciting opportunity for the enthusiastic apprentices, giving them the opportunity to share their opinions with peers and share their experiences.

“It was a really valuable experience, as everyone there got the chance to share their knowledge and opinions” said Max. “One of the outcomes we concluded was that more could be done to share information with schools”

Leonie reiterated Max’s feedback “most of the apprentices at the event agreed that when they applied for their apprenticeships there wasn’t much information provided from school”

“Overall the discussion was based around how all the apprentices have gained valuable experiences and felt welcomed in their workplace, where they will achieve a qualification and the knowledge of a real working environment”.

UKATA is proud to support apprentices, with 5 currently employed by the association who are working towards their training and developmental goals whilst gaining work based experience.

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