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DWP COVID-19 Updates 14 May

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Employment and Benefit Support pages – new page

There is a new page on the Employment and benefits support site about furloughing and how it interacts with benefits, etc. -


We have been getting some queries around how the Self Employment Income Support Scheme will be taken into account on their universal credit claims. Here is a link to the information

Section 3.1 states

3.1 Surplus earnings and losses

Your earning and losses from one month can be taken into account when working out how much Universal Credit you receive in a later month.

If you earn more than £2,500 over the monthly amount you can earn before your Universal Credit payment is reduced to £0, you are said to have surplus earnings. This may reduce the amount of Universal Credit you receive in later months, or perhaps mean that you can’t get any Universal Credit payment in those months.

If you make a loss in one month, the loss will be stored and taken into account in months when you make a profit. If the profits are not high enough to fully cover a loss, the remaining loss will be carried forward to the next month when you make a profit. A loss will stop being taken into account once all your losses have been accounted for or if your self-employment business ends.

Virtual jobs fairs

Over 1000 jobs promoted to local job seekers at National Careers Service virtual jobs fair (link is external)

From Monday 4 May, the National Careers Service held a Virtual Jobs Fair across England and over 1000 jobs were identified and promoted to local job seekers.

The fair was held to help address the ongoing impact of the coronavirus on employment across the country, which has seen people lose their jobs and need to explore different opportunities. With face-to-face career service appointments paused and employment support from local centres stopped, there is a gap in ground level careers and employment support at a time when it’s needed most.

Published on Thursday 14th May 2020

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