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DWP COVID-19 Updates 24 June 2020

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Support Grant for Self-employed New Parents

Self-employed parents (link is external) whose trading profits dipped in 2018/19 because they took time out to have children will be able to claim for a payment under the self-employed income support scheme (SEISS). Further details of the change for self-employed parents will be set out by the start of July in published guidance.

Find Help Tool

To support citizens who may be struggling and need support a new ‘Find Help (link is external)’ tool has been launched on GOV.UK. Those who use the tool will be signposted to information and support on a range of topics and help from government departments, local authorities and external partners.

Economic Recovery - Wales

Labour Market Statistics (link is external) suggest that employment levels have been maintained in Wales at 74.4% over the past three months but may change when wage support schemes end. Welsh Government will offer everyone over 16 in Wales, advice and support to find work, pursue self-employment or find a place in education or training.

Understanding the Effect of COVID-19 on Veterans

A new study (link is external) to understand the effect of coronavirus on former service personnel has been launched. The work will collect data on loneliness, social support, alcohol consumption, mental health, gambling and general well-being. It will also explore the resilience of veterans and whether their experiences in the Armed Forces have actually better prepared them for the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support for Businesses

A new code of practice (link is external) has been developed with leaders from the retail, hospitality and property sectors to provide clarity for businesses when discussing rental payments and to encourage best practice so that all parties are supported. this is in an effort to prevent struggling companies from eviction over the summer.

Free School Meals - Scotland

Children eligible for free school meals will be among those who continue to be supported over the summer through a package of £27.6 million (link is external) of additional funding from the Scottish Government.

Return to Work Package - Scotland

A £230 million Return to Work package (link is external) has been unveiled to help stimulate Scotland’s economy following the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative covers construction, low carbon projects, digitisation and business support and will provide a flow of work for businesses and support jobs.

Coronavirus and travel to work: June 2020

Main points

  • Census 2011 data for England and Wales showed that 55% of workers with a workplace in Inner London commuted by rail or underground compared with 16% of workers working in Outer London, 5% of workers working in other conurbations and only 1% of workers working in rural local authorities.
  • The Annual Population Survey (APS) showed that for the UK in 2018, 40% of people who took the train or underground to work were employed in either the information and communication, finance and insurance, or professional services industries, all of which are sectors in which a larger share of employees are likely to be more able to work from home under the current restrictions.
  • Census 2011 data showed that 12% of workers with a workplace in London commuted by bus or coach compared with 11% in other conurbations, 7% in other urban local authorities and 2% to 3% in rural local authorities

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Published on Wednesday 24th June 2020

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