Health & Safety Matters Webinar - What You Need to Know About Silica and Dust Monitoring: Techniques, Applications, and Real-Time Benefits

Join Health & Safety Matters (HSM) for an informative webinar that provides a comprehensive overview of the critical aspects of respirable crystalline silica—a common mineral found in numerous industrial materials. This session is tailored for environmental health and safety professionals, occupational hygienists, and facility managers aiming to enhance their monitoring strategies to ensure workplace safety and compliance with health regulations.

Key Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Respirable Crystalline Silica: Learn about the properties, applications, sources and environments where crystalline silica is present.
  • Health Risks and Exposure Limits: Explore the health impacts of silica exposure, including serious respiratory diseases, and understand the occupational exposure limits, particularly in the UK. This segment underscores the necessity for rigorous monitoring to protect worker health.
  • Dust Generation and Particle Behaviour: Examine how silica dust is generated and the behavior of these particles in various settings. Knowledge of particle dynamics is crucial for the effective setup of monitoring systems and interpretation of results.
  • Advanced Monitoring Techniques: Dive deep into the latest methods and technologies for detecting and measuring silica and dust particles. We will discuss the equipment and techniques essential for accurate and reliable monitoring.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Focus on the benefits of utilising real-time monitoring for silica and dust exposure in the workplace. Real-time monitoring offers immediate data acquisition, which is crucial for quick decision-making and timely intervention. We will explore various instruments that enable continuous tracking of particle concentrations, providing insights that are vital for maintaining safe workplace conditions and protecting worker health.
  • Industry guidance & best practices: Gain insight into current industry recommendations for managing respirable crystalline silica and discover effective best practices for conducting risk assessments and mitigating associated risks

This webinar is particularly valuable for professionals involved in industries where dust and silica are prevalent. Equip yourself with the knowledge to implement state-of-the-art monitoring solutions that significantly improve occupational health & safety.

All attendees will receive a CPD certificate.

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Published on Friday 7th June 2024

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2024

Time: 10:30am until 11:30am

Location: Webinar

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