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HSE Weekly Digest - 11/08/2020

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Welcome to the HSE Weekly Digest eBulletin

This week's digest contains the latest advice on how good ventilation can help to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading in the workplace.

We also have information and guidance on working in warm conditions, while there are also links to details of recent enforcement activity and details of current job vacancies.

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Air conditioning and ventilation during the coronavirus outbreak

Good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in the workplace.

It is important to focus on improving general ventilation, preferably through fresh air or mechanical systems.

Where possible, consider ways to maintain and increase the supply of fresh air, for example by opening windows and doors (unless fire doors).

Find out more about using air conditioning and general ventilation during the coronavirus outbreak.

More coronavirus updates and guidance

HSE has published a range of coronavirus related guidance and information, which you may find useful.

It includes:

For all the latest information and advice visit our coronavirus microsite.

Published on Tuesday 11th August 2020

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