HSE Weekly Digest: Advice on PPE and the latest coronavirus updates

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This week's digest contains links to advice on using personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as advice on wearing face coverings and face masks, during the coronavirus outbreak.

There are also links to advice on stress and mental health, details of a new safety alert eBulletin, as well as information on recent enforcement activity that HSE has undertaken.

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Using PPE and face coverings during the outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has not changed employers’ duty to make sure people are not exposed to hazardous substances as part of their work.

Make sure you have read our latest advice on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

During the outbreak, HSE has worked with others to develop guidance about current issues with PPE in both:

You can also read our latest advice on using face coverings and face masks during the outbreak.

Work-related stress, worker wellbeing and mental health

The coronavirus outbreak has increased pressure on workers and HSE has resources to help employers support them with stress and mental health conditions.

Planning, training and support can all reduce pressure and bring stress levels down.

Our guidance can help you support employee mental health by managing work-related stress. It includes a talking tool kit to help prevent stress in the changing working environment.

There is also advice for line managers to help them support workers with mental health conditions.

Coronavirus-related updates and advice from HSE

HSE has published a range of guidance and advice, which you may find useful.

It includes information on:

For all the latest information and advice visit our coronavirus microsite.

Get notified of HSE safety alerts as they are published

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HSE sporadically issues safety alerts to keep people up to date with failures in equipment, process, procedures and substances used in the workplace.

Safety alerts are for major faults that could result in a serious or fatal injury or ill health, and where immediate remedial action is required. For instance, last week HSE issued a safety alert about the poor quality of face masks claiming to be KN95.

You can now subscribe to our new Safety Alerts eBulletin and get information on these alerts to your inbox, as they are published on our website.

Published on Thursday 18th June 2020

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