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HSE Weekly Digest - Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Stakeholder Bulletin

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Spot inspections: ensure your workplace is COVID-secure

HSE is committed to making sure employers are managing the coronavirus risks that apply to their workplaces.

HSE inspectors are carrying out spot inspections in cities and towns where there is a coronavirus outbreak to check that businesses are COVID-secure.

This guide to working safely during the coronavirus outbreak will help you to manage the risk associated with restarting or running your business during the pandemic.

Additional local action to tackle coronavirus in Blackburn, Bradford, Barnsley and Kirklees

HSE has inspectors out and about across the North West of England, putting employers on the spot and checking that they are complying with the latest guidance to manage risk during the coronavirus outbreak. This builds upon recent work carried out in Yorkshire.

As part of targeted, local measures to contain coronavirus in Yorkshire, HSE is working alongside Bradford, Barnsley and Kirklees Councils in the regulation of workplace health and safety.

Further information on local measures is available on the council websites for Blackburn, Bradford and Kirklees.

HSE inspectors are also conducting spot inspections to check that businesses are aware and advising where necessary on improvements needed to ensure the workplace is COVID-secure. In such a fast-moving situation, we wanted to provide the right information to the right people at this time to help businesses ensure they are doing what they can to be COVID-secure.

Guidance on NHS Test and Trace service in the workplace

The NHS Test and Trace service provides protection for family, friends, colleagues and communities. Its success relies on everyone playing their part. Everyone needs to stay alert, get tested if they have symptoms, and self-isolate if asked to do so.

The NHS Test and Trace Service news bulletin includes the latest developments, announcements and information.

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Guidance is also available outlining the COVID-19 contact tracing arrangements for workplaces in Scotland and Wales.

Making your business COVID-secure

We’ve had feedback that businesses are not aware of the guidance on becoming COVID-secure, we wanted to share this information with you.

To be COVID-secure means businesses need to put in place workplace adjustments, keep up to date with the latest guidance and put measures in place to manage the risk and protect workers and visitors.

There are 5 practical steps that businesses can take to do that:

  • Step 1. carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment
  • Step 2. develop increased cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures
  • Step 3. take all reasonable steps to help people work from home
  • Step 4. maintain 2m social distancing where possible
  • Step 5. where people cannot be 2m apart, manage transmission risk

BEIS has published guidance on how to make a range of workplaces COVID-secure.

Guidance is available for different industries and sectors in Scotland and Wales.

Travelling to and from work

If you or your employees are using public transport to return to the workplace, it is vital you continue to follow the latest UK government guidance on travelling safely for England, Scotland and Wales.

This includes avoiding peak times where possible, wearing a face covering unless exempt for age, health or equality reasons, and maintaining a safe social distance.

Managing the risk of coronavirus in your business - guidance tools

HSE has guidance to help businesses manage the risks from coronavirus, including guidance to help employers carry out a risk assessment and make sensible adjustments to the site and workforce.

We have also produced tools to help businesses during the coronavirus outbreak and for use with employees to consult them on what their workplace needs to do to keep people safe.

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Enjoy the rest of summer safely

If you are able to enjoy things you’ve missed this summer, be sure to follow COVID secure guidelines wherever you are.

Help our economy begin to recover and help the livelihoods of many business owners around the country who are opening up for the first time in more than 3 months. Help your workers and others by ensuring your business is COVID-secure so that everyone can enjoy summer safely.

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Published on Monday 3rd August 2020

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