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HSE Weekly Digest: Coronavirus Guidance and all the Latest Health and Safety News and Advice

This bulletin has been provided to us by the HSE.

This week's digest contains information on supporting workers with stress and mental health conditions, as well as health and safety news and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can also find details of the latest HSE safety alert, information about Gas Safety Week 2020 and links to the latest job vacancies at HSE.

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Work-related stress, worker wellbeing and mental health

HSE has resources to help employers support staff with work-related stress and mental health conditions.

Planning, training and support can all reduce pressure and bring stress levels down.

Our guidance can help you support employee mental health by managing work-related stress.

It includes a guide to spotting signs of stress, as well as a link to our downloadable talking tool kit, which can help employers plan conversations with workers and prevent stress in the changing working environment.

We also have also advice for line managers to help them support any workers with mental health conditions.

COVID updates and guidance

HSE has published a range of coronavirus-related guidance and information, which you may find useful.

It includes:

For all the latest information and advice visit our coronavirus microsite.

Published on Thursday 17th September 2020

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