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HSE Weekly Digest: Latest COVID-19 Health and Safety Updates and Information

This bulletin was provided to us from the HSE.

This week's digest has advice on making sure your workplace is COVID-secure after England's lockdown and includes updated guidance on ventilation and air conditioning during the pandemic.

There is information to help ensure your business is ready for the end of the transition period, as well as guidance on minimising risk to haulage and temporary workers this festive season. You can also see the latest enforcement headlines and view our latest job vacancies.

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Ventilation and air conditioning during the pandemic

The law requires employers to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in the workplace and this has not changed during the pandemic. Good ventilation, together with social distancing, keeping your workplace clean and frequent handwashing, can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Our updated guidance will help you identify poorly ventilated areas of your workplace and provides steps you can take to improve ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature. It will apply in most workplaces and includes guidance on:

  • balancing ventilation with keeping people warm
  • identifying poorly ventilated areas
  • how to improve ventilation
  • ventilation in vehicles

The new ventilation and air conditioning guidance is part of our advice on making your workplace COVID-secure.

Ensure your workplace is COVID-secure

As the lockdown in England ends, we have guidance available for businesses to ensure employees are working safely.

If your business is reopening, visit our website for information about making your workplace COVID-secure. It includes information and advice on topics including:

For all the latest information, advice and updates around workplace health and safety during the pandemic visit our coronavirus website.

Minimise risk to workers this festive season

Christmas is nearly upon us and it can be a most demanding time for those working throughout the festive season.

The run-up to Christmas can be especially busy for those who work in haulage and distribution.

From people lifting heavy parcels around warehouses to delivery drivers moving products across the country, workers in this industry are vulnerable to the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling.

Our step-by-step guide to manual handling at work should help you to minimise these risks.

We also have advice for users and suppliers of agency/temporary workers, as many of these are specifically employed for the festive period.

Published on Thursday 3rd December 2020

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