J&L Recruitment Raise Funds for Asbestos Operatives Funeral

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UKATA Industry Associate J&L Recruitment sadly announced the news of the passing of Scott Daniels in August.

Scott was an asbestos operative who worked in the industry for many years. Having spent some time working with agencies, meant that Scott had the opportunity to work with many contractors and people within our industry.

Scott was known for his hard-working and considerate demeanour but more so his Australian accent – which earned him the nickname 'Aussie-Scott'!

When suffering a bereavement, there is very little others can do to help to ease the pain. There was something J&L Recruitment could do though, and this was to reduce the financial burden, so they began to raise some funds for Scott’s family.

James Johnson, Managing Director of J&L Recruitment, said:

“It was without question that we wanted to help Scott’s family at this difficult time, and we have tried our very hardest to support a sad family who is currently very much in need. We decided to set up a Go Fund Me Page for Scott with a vision of raising £4000 to pay for funeral costs and other arrangements. We had raised £3500 within the first week and smashed the target within the second week of setting up our campaign.

Recruitment agencies often receive a lot of ‘stick’ on social media about what they offer the industry. Other than the obvious reasons, I think this situation speaks volumes as to what agencies can offer to our industry and the people that work in it.

Situations like Scott’s passing should show others how compassionate our industry can be, and how people have a desire to help others when in need. Perhaps this situation can highlight to others, the importance of having ‘life-ending’ arrangements in place to support their families.”

If you would like to find out more about Scott’s story and be given the opportunity to donate, please see: https://gofund.me/4ea0fcb8

Published on Thursday 2nd September 2021