Member Interview - Alison Rees Evans - Caerphilly County Borough Council

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Alison Rees Evans from Caerphilly County Borough Council shares how she got into the asbestos industry from a Learning and Development background for large workplaces, services and organisations.

How or did you become involved in the asbestos industry?

From my experiences with learning and development, especially for large workplaces, I moved to Local Authority into a Health and Safety training role.

What experiences have you had in the asbestos industry?

Since working in Local Authority, I have been delivering asbestos training and creating a pool of resources to assist with Duty Holder responsibilities for a portfolio of 600 premises and 100 housing stock.

I have also had experience with some management surveys

What has been a highlight of your career?

Developing a suite of courses and resources for all sectors within the Local Authority.

What are your future career aspirations/goals?

I aim to continue to develop the training interventions and resources available for all sectors within the Local Authority.

What made you become a member of UKATA?

Caerphilly County Borough Council become members of UKATA to ensure we create and deliver quality training interventions and to network with other professionals.

Have you or your organisation won any awards?

Caerphilly County Borough Council won the Workforce Development award at the 2018 UKATA Excellence Awards.

What changes would you like to see in respect of asbestos training, legislation and raising awareness?

I think clarity on Non-Licensable works to allow training to be more precise and effective along with more public facing campaigns from the HSE.

Published on Monday 12th September 2022

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