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Member Interview - Jason Borley - "I was exposed and wanted to help change the future generations" - Global Environmental Consultancy Ltd

Global Environmental Consultancy

Continuing our member interview series, Jason Borley from Global Environmental Consultancy Ltd shares how he got into the asbestos industry.

How did you career begin?

My career began on the tools in power stations, petrochemicals, food manufacturers, pharmaceuticals. I was offered the position of health and safety rep, and the rest grew from there.

How or why did you become involved in the asbestos industry?

I have seen the wrong way to undertake tasks in the years. I was exposed to asbestos and I wanted to help change the future generations.

What experiences have you had in the asbestos industry?

I have had good and bad experiences throughout the years. I had some really great working years, working on everything from small garages to large power station works, from railways works to contaminated soil sites.

What has been a highlight of your career?

Moving in to the added field of passive fire protection and passing my NVQ.

What are your future career aspirations/goals?

To assist with removal and the re-installation of correct fire protection thereafter.

What made you become a member of UKATA?

I have been training since long before the association was formed. I have seen various bodies set up which I see as a great way to standardise training and ensure we are all delivering to a high degree.

Have you been involved in or seen any notable events/monumental/significant changes within industry?

I have seen so many changes in industry, the biggest recent change is air movement in enclosures. I see lots of concerns and ensure companies know how this should be calculated correctly and set up on site. I have also seen the silencers for NPU's, what a different they make to sensitive work areas, wet strip systems, how did we ever remove insulation without them. Finally, dealing with contamination soils, there is so much wrong information out there, ever job I deal with, I have to re-educate years of bad practices.

Published on Wednesday 31st August 2022

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