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MNFCC Charity Update – One More Race to Go

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Since announcing the Mavis Nye Foundation Cycle Club fundraiser in April 2022, UKATA has received overwhelming support from the asbestos industry, its members, and wider industry.

Long-standing UKATA auditor, Ab Woolass, along with his team of Marnie Owen, James Griffiths and Toni Purvis have been taking part in various cycle races across the UK to promote the Mavis Nye Foundation and raise asbestos and mesothelioma awareness.

With the help from sponsors and supporters, UKATA has raised vital funds to finance mesothelioma treatment research.

So far, Ab and the team have taken part in 6 races, collectively covered 1,716 miles and ridden for a total of 100 hours.

With one more race to go, the MNFCC team are nearing the end of their challenge with the UKCW Kent Classic coming up on 9 October 2022.

Speaking before the final race, Ab said:

"A big thank you from The Mavis Nye Foundation, UKATA and the MNFCC team Marnie, James, Toni and myself for all those that have personally donated to the Mavis Nye Foundation and of course those companies that have sponsored the team. We have a few more races left of the season.

It’s been a good few weeks for the MNFCC team with some very positive results. It has also been a good chance to raise awareness of the issues with asbestos. If you would like to donate please click the link below."

There are still supporter opportunities available for individuals and organisations, you can find out more on the dedicated MNFCC website.

MNFCC 2022 Sponsors

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Published on Tuesday 4th October 2022