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M&S On Board for the Latest HSE Podcast on Asbestos

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Britain’s workplace regulator has just launched a new podcast outlining the duty to manage asbestos in buildings.

In this episode, experts from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) discuss the legal obligation to manage asbestos in buildings, highlight where it is likely to be found and explain why it is dangerous.

Former BBC radio journalist Mick Ord hosts HSE principal inspector Tim Beaumont and Samantha Lord, a principal specialist inspector, as they discuss the risks posed by asbestos. They are joined by Craig Barker, who works as a property and asbestos manager for British retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S).

Back in January, HSE launched the Asbestos – Your Duty campaign, featuring updated web guidance, including new templates and explanatory videos.

The podcast discusses the importance of the campaign, including a talk through the risk to health of asbestos exposure and the steps involved in the legal duty to manage it in non-domestic buildings.

In his 11 years at M&S, Craig and his health and safety team have established robust ways of working to manage asbestos containing materials. He discusses how they have developed training for employees and put controls in place to ensure that the duty to manage asbestos is upheld, and the processes are followed when any work is carried out on its buildings.

Published on Wednesday 15th May 2024