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UKATA Director to speak at DAST on asbestos in schools

UKATA Director to speak at DAST on asbestos in schools

UKATA to advise on schools’ asbestos problem, with over 75 per cent affected

The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) is to address the problem of asbestos in schools, when Director Chris Bishop speaks at the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team’s (DAST) launch of Asbestos in Schools Awareness Project, on Friday 21 October. With The Department of Education estimating over 75 per cent of schools in the UK contain asbestos, Chris will advise teachers, governors and parents on how to best address the issue and protect health.

With any building built before the year 2000 liable to contain asbestos, UKATA is dedicated to advising everyone on how best to manage asbestos. Craig Evans, General Manager of UKATA, says Chris’s talk at DAST’s event will equip the relevant people with all the information they need on where asbestos may be found and what, if any, action is needed to ensure school remains a safe environment.

“We’re delighted to confirm Chris will be providing the information needed to protect staff and students who go to school every day,” said Craig. “We have worked with DAST on several projects, so UKATA is happy to be involved. The problem of asbestos in schools is all too real, so it’s essential teachers, staff and indeed parents of schoolchildren are aware of the facts.”

Asbestos dust is known to cause Mesothelioma, a cancer that affects the lining of the lungs caused by exposure to asbestos ). Asbestos is usually harmless unless disturbed but the concern is that asbestos dust can be released by putting drawing pins in walls or stapling class displays onto walls if they contain asbestos. This makes action detailing how to manage the substance safely essential.

“Asbestos often looks harmless and cannot always be identified just by looking at it,” said Craig. “As long as people are aware of the location of any asbestos in school buildings and have a management plan in place, then there should be no cause for concern. Chris is the perfect person to provide the facts, offer advice and allay any fears or concerns people may have.”

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Published on Thursday 20th October 2016