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UKATA joins Chesterfield Champions

Tuesday 10th May 2016

UKATA joins Chesterfield Champions

Markham Vale firm joins campaign to raise the town’s profile on the world stage

The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) has joined the Chesterfield Champions scheme in order to put the Association’s weight behind efforts designed to raise the profile of the town and make clear the influence that Chesterfield firms already have on business throughout the UK and worldwide.

Already a thriving network involving over 160 organisations, Chesterfield Champions is dedicated to the twin aims of developing the local economy and promoting everything that goes into making Chesterfield the successful town it is. Delivering this message far and wide is something UKATA is keen to be involved with as the Association continues to grow its own membership base.

“Business in Chesterfield must be vocal in promoting what this region has to offer and as such, UKATA is proud to be joining the Chesterfield Champions scheme,” said UKATA General Manager Craig Evans. “Many organisations, UKATA included, have made Chesterfield their home for good reason. This is a great region for business and this message is one we at UKATA can endorse strongly. Many local companies work together for mutual benefit and this is another advantage Chesterfield can offer those thinking of relocating here.”

UKATA registered trainers work with businesses across the country, so it was essential for UKATA to have a base that was easily accessible and Chesterfield was a natural choice. Manufacturing employment in Chesterfield is still above the national average and there remains a need for businesses to be aware of the dangers of asbestos. A silent killer, around 5,000 people still die of asbestos related illnesses each year making asbestos the biggest single cause of work related deaths in the UK.

“UKATA selected the new development at Markham Vale as our head office because it offers the space and access to the road networks so essential to our Association,” added Craig. “Anyone coming here can see for themselves how much new development is happening. The old days may be changing, but Chesterfield boasts a highly skilled workforce that manufactured the tunnel boring machines used on the Channel Tunnel. People love to focus on the negative but in terms of positives, Chesterfield has it all.”

Chesterfield has come a long way in recent years. A robust transport and infrastructure network from the town’s industrial past delivers a perfect hub for a host of new businesses. Junctions 29 and 30 link Chesterfield to the M1, the railway station is on the Midland mainline and the region’s airports are within easy reach.

“Joining Chesterfield Champions is a direct statement of belief from organisations about their commitment to Chesterfield and its successful future,” added Craig. “We are looking forward to increasing our networking with many more local businesses and doing what UKATA can to be at the forefront of change for Chesterfield and driving the wider regional economy forward as a consequence.”

UKATA is the leading authority for asbestos training provision in the United Kingdom. Tasked by the HSE in 2008 to manage the licensed asbestos training providers, UKATA has gone from strength to strength and now has more than 180 member organisations from all corners of the UK.

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