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UKNAR Webinar - Closing the Gaps in Asbestos Management


Many organisations believe they are doing all they can to manage their asbestos effectively. They may have conducted the relevant surveys to initially identify the type and location of any asbestos present in their buildings, re-inspections are being conducted regularly to monitor the condition of the asbestos; they may even have a detailed asbestos management plan in place. Yet many organisations still have significant gaps in their asbestos management procedures – the results of recent HSE inspections in schools substantiate this.

One of the main problems organisations face, is implementing their asbestos management plan effectively. Quality and consistency of the asbestos information available and its accessibility and communication are often the key issues.

Each year there are thousands of often unreported accidental disturbances of asbestos containing materials by contractors, carrying out minor works.

Contractors often enter buildings unsupervised. They need to know where the asbestos is located so they can undertake works safely without the risk of disturbing any fibres. Unfortunately, all too often contractors never get to see the asbestos register giving them the information they need before they start work, or if they do it's in a format that's not easily understandable Sadly, as a consequence, 20 tradespeople die every week in the UK from asbestos related diseases caused by exposure to asbestos fibres in the workplace - In 94% of cases these deaths could easily have been prevented.

Join UKNAR's webinar to hear Andrew Paten and Andy Brown Co-founders of UKNAR speak about Asbestos Management Plans, what’s required to make sure they are successfully implemented and what can be done to minimise the gaps in your asbestos management procedures.

Andy Brown will also demonstrate how UKNAR’s recently updated asbestos management system can help dutyholders meet these challenges and improve their overall asbestos management procedures. Recent feedback has shown that UKNAR’s Asbestos SMART system has impressed HSE inspectors in some of their recent school inspections.

Andy will be showing how Asbestos SMART can work alongside your existing asbestos consultancies and IT systems making it easier to manage asbestos safely across your portfolio; for visiting contractors, on site management and offsite dutyholders.

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Published on Thursday 16th November 2023

Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Time: 10:00am until 10:45am

Location: Webinar

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