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UKNAR Webinar - Find a SMARTER Way to Manage Asbestos in Your Properties


Following the success of their last event, UK National Asbestos Register (UKNAR) would like to give those that were unable to make it another chance to join them.

Attend their webinar to hear Andrew Paten explain how UKNAR's newly built National Asbestos Database and Asbestos SMART QR approach can provide a simple and cost-effective mean to help dutyholders manage asbestos in situ.

Find out how UKNAR's QR technology can enhance your existing asbestos management procedures and help prevent avoidable asbestos exposures, irrespective of which asbestos consultants you currently use to conduct your asbestos surveys and re-inspections.

The recent Parliamentary inquiry into the HSE's approach to asbestos management accepted recommendations for:

  • The adoption of a central digital register of asbestos in UK non-domestic buildings
  • The use of digital technology to improve how asbestos information is communicated, particularly to contractors, by drawing on lessons from the use of digital technologies in building management and the health response to the pandemic.

So far, the Government's response to this recommendation has been very cautious. However, UKNAR is encouraged to see its emphasis on the importance of dutyholders sharing information, especially with contractors, and a clear willingness to look at improvements in compliance in this respect.

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Find out how, regardless of the asbestos consultancy you use for your surveys and re-inspections, UKNAR's inexpensive Asbestos SMART technology can help your organisation vastly improve how valuable and potentially lifesaving asbestos information is quickly and easily communicated to staff, visitors and contractors in your properties: better protecting your people and helping you achieve and demonstrate legal compliance with Regulation 4: Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. It can also help you avoid the potentially considerable costs and time incurred if things go wrong.

Join UKNAR's webinar to hear Andrew Paten Co-Founder of UKNAR CIC, (a social enterprise) speak in more detail about what it takes in the real world to achieve effective compliance and protect people from asbestos exposures.


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Published on Wednesday 12th October 2022

Date: Between Thursday 13th October 2022 and Thursday 13th October 2022

Time: 10:00 AM until 10:45 AM

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