UKNAR Webinar - How Asbestos SMART Makes it Easier to Manage Aasbestos Safely as your Multi-Academy Trust Increases in Size


Is your multi-academy trust increasing in size?

Attend UKNAR's webinar to see a live demonstration of their latest Asbestos SMART management system and find out how our simple, cost-effective solution can make it easier to manage asbestos safely across your growing school estate.

Many multi-academy trusts are continuing to grow. This is driven in part by Government policy and also recognition of the increased efficiencies and improvements that can be achieved through economies of scale. DofE data shows that between March 23 and March 24 the average MAT size grew from 7.6 to 8.2 schools with over 500 academies joining or forming a trust. Almost 9 in 10 large MATs expect to increase in size over the next two years.

Increased size can bring increased challenges.

Whilst increased size reaps benefits, it also presents challenges, particularly for those responsible for managing not only a larger number of school buildings, but also a more geographically disparate school estate.

Asbestos can be a particularly worrying problem. With an increasing number of contractors attending various sites to conduct minor works it's often difficult to be sure that they have all read and understood the asbestos registers for your properties and won't disturb any asbestos that is present.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Join our webinar to see a demonstration of UKNAR’s latest Asbestos SMART management system. Find out how it can help you track whether contractors have received all the necessary asbestos information before starting work and give you line of sight that will enhance asbestos management across your entire school estate.

Asbestos SMART incorporates a host of new features, including updatable digital asbestos registers, contractor usage tracking and the ability to link to your existing systems. It also allows you to store key documentation and easily share it with staff, visitors and contractors.

Find out how our simple on-site solution can help you communicate vital information and manage your asbestos risks and contractors more effectively; irrespective of which asbestos consultants you currently use to conduct your asbestos surveys and re-inspections.


Published on Wednesday 19th June 2024

Date: Thursday 20th June 2024

Time: 10:00am until 10:45am

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