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UKNAR Webinar - How to Pass Your HSE Asbestos Inspection with Flying Colours

Would your school pass its HSE asbestos inspection?

UKNAR's webinar is aimed at Local Authorities with a responsibility for schools and duty holders, including Headteachers and Heads of Estates, who wish to ensure they have the correct procedures in place to manage their asbestos effectively.

Many schools already have asbestos management procedures in place – they just need a bit of help and guidance to tighten up their processes.

The HSE is currently carrying out its second programme of inspections of primary and secondary schools and NHS Trusts across England, Scotland and Wales, to assess how well they are managing the risks from asbestos materials and meeting their statutory requirements. This is unsurprising, given the risk of collapse of buildings and remediation activity related to RAAC possibly disturbing asbestos.

The HSE's first series of inspections in 2022/2023 identified failings that represented a material breach of health and safety law in 33% of the schools inspected – highlighting a fundamental need for improvement in the ways in which schools are managing their asbestos risks. Enforcement action was taken against 7% of the schools inspected.

Make sure your school would pass an HSE asbestos inspection?

Join UKNAR’s FREE webinar, 10:00am - 10:45am on Thursday 21 March, to hear Andrew Paten, UKNAR’s Joint Founder talk about:

  • The key findings and failings identified by the HSE during its first round of inspections.
  • What’s required to make sure your school will pass an HSE Asbestos Inspection.
  • How UKNAR’s Asbestos SMART can make it easier for duty holders to manage their asbestos effectively.

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UKATA approved training providers deliver Duty to Manage Asbestos and Duty to Manage Asbestos - Appointed Person courses nationwide.

Duty to Manage Asbestos training will give a basic understanding of the legislative requirements of CAR 2012 with particular reference to the Duty holder and who that could be, the surveys available, what to expect in a survey and the asbestos management plan and its use and requirement.

Whereas Duty to Manage Asbestos - Appointed Person training will give you the theoretical and practical skills to undertake the management of asbestos-containing materials within the buildings that you are responsible for as defined in CAR 2012.

You can find your nearest training provider here:

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Published on Thursday 14th March 2024

Date: Thursday 21st March 2024

Time: 10:00am until 10:45am

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