Vehicle Certification Agency Alert about Asbestos Bag Labels

The following alert has been supplied by the HSE.

The HSE has received the following alert about asbestos waste bags.

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), which approves and certifies UN‑approved packaging, has discovered that some suppliers of asbestos bags are cutting costs by removing the background colour from labels when pre‑printing them onto bags.

The labels must be exactly as described in Chapter of ADR ADR2021_Vol2e.pdf (, otherwise they are in breach of the CDG Regs when asbestos waste is transported,

VCA will be issuing a guidance note to remind packaging manufacturers of their responsibilities when they print labels onto packaging. However, in the meantime, it would be appreciated if you could you alert your members, suppliers and colleagues and request that they check their asbestos waste packaging to ensure that it complies.

Published on Wednesday 29th December 2021

Tags: Waste Asbestos
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