UKATA and European Asbestos Forum (EAF) Make Partnership Official after Years of Collaboration

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UKATA, the leading authority in asbestos training in the United Kingdom, is thrilled to announce the official partnership with the European Asbestos Forum foundation (EAF). This partnership solidifies the strong collaboration between the two organisations, following years of successful joint initiatives and the recent instatement of UKATA Chief Operating Officer, Craig Evans, onto the Scientific and Advisory Board of the EAF.

The partnership between UKATA and EAF is poised to make a significant impact on asbestos awareness and safety measures across Europe. By combining their expertise and resources, both organisations will work together to enhance awareness, education and training opportunities related to asbestos, ultimately leading to improved safety standards and the prevention of asbestos-related diseases.

The European Asbestos Forum is a globally prominent organisation dedicated to raising awareness about asbestos-related risks and promoting best practices and innovations in asbestos management worldwide. The EAF brings together experts, stakeholders, and organisations to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of asbestos safety.

Craig Evans, Chief Operating Officer of UKATA, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: "Formalising our collaboration with the European Asbestos Forum foundation is a significant milestone for UKATA. By joining forces, we can amplify our efforts to raise awareness about the hazards of asbestos and promote best practices for its safe handling and removal."

Dr. Yvonne Waterman LL.M. MFAAM, Founder and President of EAF, echoed Craig’s sentiments: "I’m excited to solidify the partnership with UKATA. Together, we can leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive training and support to professionals and industries across many countries, ensuring a safer asbestos environment."

Both UKATA and EAF share a common commitment to asbestos awareness, training, and safety.

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UKATA remains at the forefront of asbestos training, committed to raising awareness about the pervasive threat of asbestos and the critical importance of responsible management.

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Published on Tuesday 19th March 2024